Who are Oscar Propulsion?

Oscar is a leading UK based environmental technology company engaged in the development of propulsion solutions across the Marine, Aviation and blade-based Water Sports sectors.

  • Oscar Sports’ PowerSlitTM¬†technology for oars and paddles softens the catch by spreading the power curve and makes the stoke more stable. This offers the benefits of reduced back and shoulder strain while maintaining performance. Oscar rowing blades are approved by World Rowing. Patent and design protected.
  • Oscar Marine has the potential to revolutionise the global marine propulsion industry by significantly reducing propeller cavitation through the use of PressurePoresTM so eliminating Underwater Radiated Noise. ¬†PressurePores offer the potential for major operating efficiencies with reductions in fuel consumption and associated CO2 emissions.
  • Oscar Aviation utilizes PressurePores to resolve noise pollution issues in the global aviation industry by reducing jet engine emissions by up to 7dB with no loss of operational efficiency.

working with Oscar Propulsion

Who we are

Oscar is a highly focused team of professionals skilled in technology development, technology transfer, business leadership and IP protection through global intellectual property rights.


Working with leading UK Universities, our patented technology has been proven to offer important enhancements in the field of propulsion.