Blade-Based Propulsion Devices made Faster, Better, Quieter

Who are Oscar Propulsion?

Invention is easy – an inspired idea at the right time – but it takes a great team to develop, protect, fund and commercialise the idea so that it becomes a range of world-beating technologies.

Oscar has brought together a team of business leaders, investors, universities, patent attorneys and manufacturers, all inspired by the dream of delivering technologies that provide winning advantages to users in the field of propulsion.

working with Oscar Propulsion

Who we are

Oscar is a highly focused team of professionals skilled in technology development, technology transfer, business leadership and IP protection through global intellectual property rights.


Working with leading UK Universities, our patented technology has been proven to offer important enhancements in the field of propulsion.


If you would like to get involved or to find out more about Oscar BladesTM  or about our other technologies please contact us at, or via our website contact form.