About Oscar Propulsion

Oscar is an innovation development and technology transfer company. We discover, develop, test and patent innovative technologies in the field of blade-based propulsion devices and license their use to global manufacturers in the various industries to which they apply.

A remarkable scientific discovery forms the inspiration for Oscar – that certain arrangements of holes can significantly improve the performance of blade-based propulsion devices like rowing oars and boat paddles, ship and boat propellers and jet engine turbine blades.

Working with leading UK Universities and specialist companies our global patented technology has been proven to offer significant and important enhancements:


Major reductions in Underwater Radiated Noise (URN) and cavitation in ship propellers, with the possibility of fuel savings through greater efficiency.


Quieter jet engines with no effect on aerodynamic performance.


Blades that offer less stress and strain on the body while maintaining performance.

Our technologies offer important environmental benefits such as reducing noise pollution in the oceans and around airports

Oscar is a highly focused team of professionals skilled in technology development, technology transfer, business leadership and protection through global intellectual property rights. The team also has backgrounds in rowing, (one director has rowed the Atlantic singlehandedly), sailing, marine architecture and aerodynamics.

We employ outside designers and engineers to develop and test our technologies before negotiating licences with manufacturers.