Oscar BladesTM

Oars and paddles operate by creating a pressure difference between the front and the back surfaces of the blade and so generate thrust. However, high-pressure backflows from the front of the blade into the low-pressure area at the back of the blade reduces this pressure difference and so limits the thrust of the blade and ultimately the velocity of the boat.

Mimicking how elite swimmers now swim with their fingers spaced apart, the Oscar BladesTM consist of multiple PowerSlitsTM which generate focussed water jets to counter the backflows and so increase thrust.

On-water tests carried out by independent rowers have shown winning time advantages over 500m of 1 to 2 seconds at full pressure. Trials were carried out according to the Concept2 protocol of 6 x 500m pieces rowed at full pressure, supervised by an independent coach.


Rowers all say that Oscar BladesTM feel lighter to use particularly at the catch and finish. This allows them to increase the stroke rate comfortably.


Tests at fixed stroke rates show that Oscar BladesTM are still faster. This confirms that the Oscar BladesTM are generating more thrust.


Oscar is now in discussions with manufacturers to bring the benefits of the technology to the world of blade based water sports such as rowing, canoeing and dragon boat racing.

Results for 6 x 500m Pieces Rate Capped at 26 strokes/min

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We would welcome other individuals or clubs volunteering to experience the winning advantages of the Oscar BladesTM. If you would like to find out more about Oscar BladesTM or if you would like to help us testing please contact us at info@oscarpropulsion.co.uk or send us a message via our website contact form.