Oscar BladesTM


Oars and paddles create a difference in pressure between one side of a blade and the other. Water is free to flow from the high-pressure side to the low-pressure side of the blades. This creates back flows where the high-pressure water travels round the edges of the blade into the low-pressure water. These back flows reduce the pressure difference between both sides and therefore reduces the propulsive force.

Mimicking how elite swimmers now swim with their fingers spaced apart, the Oscar Blades consist of multiple PowerSlits™. These PowerSlits allow small amounts of water through. The water accelerates through the slits and loses pressure. When it emerges on the other side as low-pressure water it counteracts the back flow and so increases the propulsive force.

reduced injury

On-water tests carried out by independent rowers have shown Oscar Blades deliver a lighter catch and stroke which allows the rower to maintain a better body position that we believe will reduce rowing related injuries.


Rowers all say that Oscar Blades feel lighter to use particularly at the catch. This allows them to increase the stroke rate comfortably.


Tests at fixed stroke rates show that Oscar Blades are faster. This confirms that the Oscar Blades are generating more thrust.


Oscar is at the initial phase of production with manufacturers to bring the benefits of the technology to the world of blade-based water sports such as rowing, canoeing and dragon boat racing.

Results for 6 x 500m Pieces Rate Capped at 26 strokes/min