Design and Development Partners

Leading UK Universities have analysed our technologies using CFD and model testing on-water and in wind tunnels. Our globally patent pending technology has been proven to offer important enhancements to existing devices.

We are currently field testing the Oscar BladesTM with UK rowing clubs, such as Peterborough Rowing Club, who are proving the winning time advantage of the Oscar BladesTM with hands-on time trials.

We are now commercialising our propeller and jet engine discoveries.

University of Southampton, Department for Ship Science

Dr Mingyi Tan

University of Strathclyde, Department for Naval
Architecture, Marine and Ocean Engineering (NAOME)

Professor Mehmet Atlar

Naval Architects: Keel Marine Ltd

Patent Attorney: JA Kemp

Interested in working together?

If you would like to find out more about Oscar Propulsion or if you would like to help us with testing the Oscar BladesTM please contact us here.